Our Houston Premarital Agreement Attorney Allows Couples in Define Marriage on their Own Terms

Couples contemplating marriage are now more than ever considering the mutual benefits of entering into a premarital or prenuptial agreement. Lacking such agreement, Texas law will define what property is community and what remains separate in the event of divorce or death, which may lead to unnecessary litigation. Engaged couples have another option, however, and can define the terms of their marriage to best suit their own unique needs and lives. Our Houston premarital agreement attorney works with couples in all types of situations to allow open and honest discussions to clarify each person’s expectations and rights about their future together. This allows couples to enter their upcoming union with open eyes and builds a strong foundation for a healthy marriage throughout life.

Why You Need an Attorney

Many internet sites profess to provide adequate forms or services so couples can draft their own premarital agreements. What those companies do not tell people is that premarital agreements drafted without a lawyer are the most likely to be challenged and later declared unenforceable or void during a divorce or after the death of one spouse. There are specific rules and laws regulating the drafting and execution of premarital agreements, and the assistance of a qualified attorney is necessary to ensure the agreement is enforceable in a court of law. Contact our Houston premarital agreement lawyer to learn how you and your prospective spouse can build a strong foundation for a healthy marriage by mutually beneficial negotiation of a premarital agreement.

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