Ten Reasons for a Prenuptial Agreement

By Houston Family Lawyer John K. Grubb

To educate the public, Houston prenuptial attorney John K. Grubb provides these ten main reasons for a premarital agreement.

  1. It is a marriage-planning tool. It promotes discussion of short-term and long-term goals. Each party gets to articulate their expectations, their dreams and their aspirations for marriage and finances.
  2. It gets the parties’ financial affairs out on the table early in the relationship. By having a premarital agreement, the partners get an opportunity to discuss their assets, their liabilities, their financial problems and their financial goals. They disclose all of their assets and liabilities to each other before marriage.
  3. It eliminates uncertainty and unpredictability as you go through your marriage.
  4. It insulates each partner from the other’s debts, credit cards, liabilities and obligations.
  5. It provides a framework for family finances.
  6. It defines separate property and addresses community property or joint property.
  7. It eliminates the threat during marriage an argument along the lines of “I’m going to divorce you and take you to the cleaners”. With a prenuptial agreement, each party knows going in what they are going to get in the event of a divorce.
  8. A prenuptial agreement will avoid the cost of litigation in the event of divorce.
  9. It allows each party to maintain financial independence from the other.
  10. It allows a couple to channel their energies, efforts and resources towards the non-financial aspects of their marriage relationship.

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