Reasons for a Houston Prenuptial Agreement

Frequent Reasons Given to our Houston Prenuptial Attorney

Photo Prenuptial AgreementPeople intending to marry in Texas use premarital agreements for several reasons, some of which may be interrelated.

In Texas, people marrying for a second time have frequently accumulated substantial assets that they wish to protect through a premarital agreement. One or both partners may wish to avoid the risk of a major loss of assets, income, or a family business in the event of divorce or death.

Frequently people marrying for a second time are used to maintaining their own finances and may wish to do so after divorce.

Dual income professionals generally like to maintain separate estates.

Also, many times middle aged people have children and grandchildren from a prior marriage that they need to provide for while also protecting their spouse from them.

Premarital agreements help the parties clarify their expectations and rights about the future. A premarital agreement may prevent uncertainties and fears about how a divorce will affect the parties if the marriage fails. If you have any similar concerns or if you would just like to discuss whether a premarital agreement is right for you, please contact our Houston prenuptial agreement attorney to set up a consultation.

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