Introduction to Houston Prenuptial Agreements

Provided by our Houston Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Photo Prenuptial AgreementIf you are considering marriage, the idea of a premarital agreement probably crossed your mind. Like many couples, you may think that bringing up these types of agreements can cause more stress to a promising relationship. As our Houston prenuptial agreement lawyer tells his clients, these agreements can actually make your relationship stronger. This is because you are putting everything on the table and addressing it together. If you are trying to avoid this topic before marriage, then it is going to be even more stressful should the relationship end. Think of it more as an insurance policy – just in case.

The purpose of a Houston premarital agreement is to protect each person’s property, finances, etc in case the couple divorces or if one of the spouses should pass away. This can open up the lines of communication. You can make sure you know each other’s wishes and make sure each spouse is taken care of financially. Your Houston prenuptial agreement attorney will then tell you what types of things should be included in the agreement (including which assets), what happens if the marriage ends (either in divorce or death), and more.

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